Any Given Sunday !

Riding clubs across globe do small b’fast rides on weekends & BikeBlazers is no exception to this. We have been doing them for years now & its really a good feel when you go out with your friends on motorcycles on weekend mornings.

Why do people do it ?

  • Sometimes, its not possible to ride for only long distances. (we used to do only touring on our motorcycles till 2008-09 but, then learnt it later & I must say that it was a wonderful decision to do weekend morning rides).
  • You start early and come back around 10:30-11 AM to your home (that ways your family won’t bother you to spend weekend with them & you are already back by the time they wake up).
  • Great bonding time with members. Its not possible to do touring with all members & you don’t get to know the new members from your group if you don’t happen to ride together.
  • Feel Good factor. You always feel young, when you are on your bike.
  • You see the city with almost zero traffic on Sunday mornings & it always feels nice to see same roads with zero traffic. Isn’t it ?
  • Quest for good food. You always keep on searching food options in or around the city to test it next time. Sometimes, you are lucky to find good ones (& trust me, not all of them are listed on Zomato).
  • Special Editions: BikeBlazers have started to go & visit places of our friends/ relatives who are situated on Highways. We visit the villages, small towns & get a feel of their daily lives. One thing is confirmed >> they always love our presence & imagine a situation when 8-10 motorcycles enter in a village on a quite Sunday morning. Entire village come to see what’s happening with a few idiots around. Why do they wear this gear, Do you do racing, Why have you come to 50-70 KMs at our place, What do you guys do, Don’t you feel hot in your riding gear ? There are 100 questions to respond each time. But, story stays same. We are idiots who don’t have any other work 😉


2nd October, 2016: Ride to Hanuman Murti, Gurgaon-Faridabad Road

Thodi Bakar: With the onset of October, mother nature brings the feel of chillness in the air. One can relate it to misty outbound highways, dew drops on the grass, foggy wheat fields in the morning. Apart from the regular temperature drop in the environment, it also brings the festival season to its full glory starting with the the likes of Dussehra, Durga Puja, Diwali followed by Christmas, New Year Eve & then, Lohri.

It is evident that people are generally happy during these months, thanks to a good weather & festive spirits in the city. This calls for local excursions as well, for each one of us who follow some outbound activity or the another (be it cycling, photography, food, motorcycling, etc). You can see each on the types mentioned out there on the roads/ streets every weekend.

Prelude: Coming back to our ride story this October. One of the recently added club members – Takashi Niwa (he is a Japanese, on deputation in IN for a couple of years) did a small bfast ride on his own & showed me picture of a beautiful place on Gurgaon-Faridabad Road (or GFR, for that instance). Place was a temple of Lord Hanuman, embedded with a HUGE Hanuman Murti. As soon as I saw that picture, I knew that it would be our next Breakfast Ride for sure.

Immediately broadcasted the plan & it was decided that we will meet at Mahamaya Flyover on Yamuna Expressway, on 2nd October at 6 AM. Even Gurgaon folks decided to meet us at the same point. WHY ?

Because, of only one reason >> we want to ride together. That’s what the camradarie of the group is 🙂

Ride Day: Most of our riding members are now a days punctual, thanks to years of experience & we are improving. There is hardly a delay of 20-30 minutes, which is expected. Each one of us gathered at Mahamaya Flyover & witnessed that there is another motorcycle group standing there as well. They were from some Superbike Motorcycle group in Delhi & were waiting for their other members to join so that they can do Delhi-Vrindavan ride.

img_20161002_061904और ये दहिया जी का उलटे हाथ का सैलूट


Our regular meeting point at Mahamaya Flyover, whenever we start a bfast ride from that area.
Joined by Suvrajit Barik, who left Delhi NCR some years back but he is back again to noida…& he did rode with us again after years.



joined by many Superbike Riders as well this time….they were on their way to Yamuna Expressway


Both of these clubs started at almost the same time, but in different directions. They went towards Agra & we took Kalindi Kunj route to GFR. I personally felt that it was a good decision to do GFR that day, thanks to the reasons cited above (weather, moisture, foggy, etc).

Reached Hanuman Mandir in half an hour & clicked some pictures there.

अर्र जाटों का एक ही भगवान् 🙂
अपना हनुमान


img_20161002_081905Some new members spent more time in getting themselves clicked. Excited they were 🙂 And there is no reason why they must not be 🙂


img_20161002_081951img_20161002_082056Hope they enjoyed it 🙂


img_20161002_082147img_20161002_082704BULLET IN OUR HEAD


img_20161002_082749wow location….would like to visit again


After the visit to Hanuman Ji, visited a motorbike cafe near Gwal Pahadi (Throttle Shrottle). for our breakfast. There was not much to write about the cafe, but it was very crowded that day. It was full of motorcyclists that day, courtesy an event of a local Radio Station.

Finished our bfast & reached back to base around 11 AM.


Till next time we meet again !!
Let me search another beautiful b’fast point where we can ride on “Any Given Sunday” 🙂



15th May, 2016 Ride: There is an interesting story behind today’s choice of place. BikeBlazers do #MonsoonChasers ride every August. Last year, 20+ of us rode to Bhimtal & it was a great time (as usual). However, when we were riding towards Bhimtal, one of our club members met with an accident near Babugarh Cantt. Thankfully, he escaped with only a fracture. Sunil Issar Sir was very brave & took the entire journey in a car (that was tagging with us) rather then coming back. Sunil Sir is easily 50+ & hats off to this spirit.

Coming back to our ride today >> After that accident, we parked the bike near Babugarh in some village (relative of another member – Deepak Singh). That was August 2015. However, Sunil Sir was very busy in playing golf & other activities. So busy that he didn’t find time to pick up his bike in these many months 😉 . But, today was his lucky day. We went to same village to get his bike back. As soon as we reached to the parking area where bike was parked, we were not certain if bike will start of not. That’s the reason we took some spares & an extra batter…just in case.

However, bike roared to life in first kick only. That’s what Royal Enfield does to you. Sometimes, it can start in single kick after months of not being moved from that place. While it can even give you a nightmare sometime & won’t start even after a day of its service 🙂 We have a saying for this “WELCOME TO RE“.

another sunday…another b’fast ride…
NH24 this time… know the story why 😉
Though, it was pretty hot while coming back…but, morning was still manageable & Yea…. how can we forget BB wala pose 🙂
waiting for others to join
time to roll guys…lets start or else, it will be burning hot while returning.
Sunil Sir proudly sitting on his steed 🙂


This post is not a single instance of any B’fast ride, but I will keep on updating it each time we will do a b’fast ride from now onwards. So, stay tuned for more continual updates to come. So, no goodbye message after this post 🙂


Destination may change, riders may change. But, one thing stays >> Riding together with friends on these Highways.

Till next time we meet again !!
Let me search another beautiful b’fast point where we can ride on “Any Given Sunday” 🙂






BOBMC is “Brotherhood of Bulleteers Motorcycling Consortium”, a common forum to bring together all the Enfield riding Clubs in the world. BOBMC aims to increase inter-club interaction and help each other building camaraderie among motorcyclists especially Enfield riders.
BOBMC Day is celebrated on First Sunday of May every year where they organize local city ride joined by all major clubs that are associated with BOBMC. “Bike Blazers” also joined them for this year’s ride where all of us rode from South Delhi to Botanix Garden, Gurgaon.

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