BOBMC is “Brotherhood of Bulleteers Motorcycling Consortium”, a common forum to bring together all the Enfield riding Clubs in the world. BOBMC aims to increase inter-club interaction and help each other building camaraderie among motorcyclists especially Enfield riders.
BOBMC Day is celebrated on First Sunday of May every year where they organize local city ride joined by all major clubs that are associated with BOBMC. “Bike Blazers” also joined them for this year’s ride where all of us rode from South Delhi to Botanix Garden, Gurgaon.

Here comes Trishul…someday will click him without helmet just for readers 🙂

After a bit of delay (due to late arrivals, coupon distribution, etc), riders started towards the venue in 2-2 file riding formation.

They took Qutub Institutional Area – Munirka – NH 8 – Sohna Road & finally reached the venue i.e. Botanix Garden, near Damdama Lake.

Scorching sun gave us constant company & I had to rush ahead of the caravan in order to get some clicks but, it was way too bland to get some details from the sky. That’s the cost we pay by living in Delhi NCR 😦

some boring clicks on NH8, thanks to too hot weather + bland sky
but, there are always some people who insert fun in whatever dumb the situation is. Thanks to “Gazab Wale Bhaisahab” again

Sohna Road was constant bumper to bumper traffic, but thanks to those marshalls who helped the entire lot by just blocking the traffic at diversions.

Salute to Marshalls !!

After NH8, entire caravan moved to Sohna Road
Traffic was almost standstill there, with hardly any movement…thanks to 200 odd “Bullet Walahs”
Here they go
while my baby is parked on road side to just glare at them
was definitely a sight 🙂

Finally reached the venue around 10 AM & it was “Boiling Hot”. Wish they change the BOBMC Day from May to somewhere more comfortable (in November/ February or even March).

Almost everyone of them gathered in a span of 20 odd minutes & soon, shutterbugs were out. I was one of them as well 😉

Janta was damn hungry & they immediately hogged onto breakfast (which was simple & OKish, but who cares) 😉

After b’fast, some of them took shade under green trees & do “सुस्ती”….while others jumped to swimming pool.

a shade was more than required under that peak summer sun
Deepankar Sir ji
pool definitely helped to beat the heat
riders enjoyed the cool water
excited main eddan 😉
“Bullet Baba” ki Jai Ho !!
Chill Mode always ON !!


We decided to start our return journey around 11:30 AM from there & then, had a small pitstop in between at someone’s home where we had delicious lunch.

Reached home around 4 PM & yes, it was a Sunday well spent !!


Thanks for spending time in reading my first attempt on my own website. Hope it will be liked.

Looking forward for your cooperation & you can always ping me for any suggestions/ improvements.

Update: Thought to add details of the riding clubs that rode together in BOBMC Day Ride – Delhi NCR below so that if anyone wants to contact them, there is a way that they can reach those groups:

  1. Royal Beasts [Contact: Ranjeet Sohal >>98730 98998]
  2. Bike Blazers [Contact: Naveen Chhillar >>98718 21525]
  3. RED [Contact: Ishan >>99103 30757]
  4. Free Soul Rider [Contact: Harish >>98114 27780]
  5. Royal Mavericks
  6. Wanderers
  7. IBR
  8. GUNS


Till then, “Adios Amigos my friends.


11 thoughts on “BOBMC Day RIDE

  1. Nicely compiled. Why don’t you invite BOBMC riders to pour in their views about this May ride!! They would be delighted and you can get a 360 degree view of this event.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Abhishek for spending your time on my blog. Am glad you liked it.

      Regarding other members, I have already added their contact details (after discussing with them) & they are already aware about my write-up on the event. They have also cascaded the page to their groups further. Hope it will help them.
      Though, I would love to extend the column to them, if they would like to post/ comment anything 🙂

      Thanks again !!


  2. “Urban banjara” – Naam hi kaafi hai 😉
    Pictures aptly shows not only the solidarity of royal riders but the fun they had (specially while beating the heat in the pool) .
    Good start Naveen Sir ! Keep’em coming !!!


    1. Thanks Gaurav for those encouraging words 🙂
      Why don’t you join us sometime on a ride, if you are in Delhi or nearby.
      Though, We are planning for Kasol sometime during first or second week of June. Join us.


      1. Would love to be a part of the craziness someday. (y)
        Keep me posted on Kasol plans. Even if I am not joining the ride, would plan to meet in the city beautiful 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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